(13) A massive and wicked conspiracy

Just as a criminal tries to destroy evidence of his wrongdoing, the devil does everything it can do to conceal itself. The scale of its deception is difficult to fathom.

The devil carries out its most diabolical schemes in broad daylight while presenting them as sensible, reasonable, and legal. A normal person cannot understand or imagine the existence of such a massive and wicked conspiracy. Even when one tries to expose the devil’s plot, others cannot easily see it for what it is. In addition, the devil uses a variety of means to intentionally reveal parts of its agenda, sowing suspicion, fear, and confusion.

During the Cold War, the world was divided between two military and political camps. Yet, while their social systems appeared to be diametrically opposed, the same demonic process was taking place on both sides in different forms.

Many revisionist Western-style communists, socialists, Fabianists, liberals, and progressives publicly rejected the Soviet and Chinese models, but their efforts led society on a path toward a social structure no different from those of the Soviet Union and China. In plain terms, the devil used the totalitarian East as a diversion for the active infiltration of the West.

Those who dare to expose the devil are labelled “conspiracy theorists,” “extremists,” “far-right,” “alt-right,” “sexists,” “racists,” “warmongers,” “bigots,” “Nazis,” “fascists,” and other terms of abuse meant to isolate and marginalize them from academia and the broader society. Being made into objects of segregation, ridicule, and fear, their ideas gain no audience, and their presence gains no influence.

The devil directs the people to despise and suspect certain ethnicities, groups, and individuals, which draws attention away from its own nefarious schemes.

Not everyone can be deceived by the devil’s ruses. There will always be those intelligent or perceptive enough to discover its schemes. But the devil has already managed to bring the majority of people under its influence and use them as its cover.

The few who see the devil for what it is are like people stranded in the remote wilderness. Their cries go unanswered as they await their doom.

The means by which the devil destroys people are endless and ever-changing. The general strategies listed above are more thoroughly examined in the following chapters.

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