(78)Making good use of that freedom…

Everyone has the right to pursue happiness—but this must be within moral parameters. Excessive pursuit of pleasure, beyond normal limits, inevitably brings suffering, calamity, and sorrow.

The traditional culture of humanity doesn’t forbid the reasonable satisfaction of desire. However, traditional culture teaches people to control their desires and choose a healthy lifestyle. It’s about harmony with nature, traditional labor, harmonious family relationships, a healthy civil society, and participation in self-rule and state management, as well as traditional arts, literature, sports, and entertainment. All of this brings happiness and satisfaction, and at the same time, benefits the individual in body and mind, as well as society at large.

The ultimate goal of communism, however, is to destroy mankind. One of the steps in this process is the corruption of morality and the removal of God from human culture. The goal, therefore, is that whatever the political regime, popular culture and lifestyles are infused with negativity and darkness. In the past few decades, just such a popular culture has been created in the East and West. The madness of modern society has led many to abandon traditional culture and morality. People indulge their desires, pursuing pleasure without limit. Self-centeredness, hedonism, and nihilism have become common, accepted, and even fashionable. This is the culture leading the world today, and humans have forgotten the true purpose of their existence.

Sex, drugs, rock music, and video games stimulate and magnify desires. Many indulge in these things to escape the misery and disappointment of life, but they never stop to reflect. These addictions only bring momentary satisfaction, followed by more pain and disaster. Drug abuse causes disease, death, and personality disorders; chaotic sexual relationships destroy the family, making people lose trust and warmth; video games make people lose themselves in a false world. Addicts feel that they’re in a carnival of fun, but in fact, they are simply being exploited by outside forces, as the only thing waiting for them is physical death and spiritual decay.

The same is true of societies and nations. When a large number of people are addicted to desire and pleasure, disaster is at hand.

God created mankind and gave every individual free will. People should not abuse their freedoms and continue walking the path of degeneration. Instead, they should make good use of that freedom, and choose to return to a traditional culture and way of life. God has always looked after and protected man. But whether mankind can return to the right path depends entirely on each individual’s choice.

From Chapter Fourteen: Popular Culture–A Decadent Indulgence

Make good use of that freedom

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