(61)Education plays an important role…

Education plays an important role in fostering individual well-being and self-fulfilment, maintaining social stability, and securing the future of a nation. No great civilizations in the history of humanity took education lightly.

The object of education is to maintain humanity’s moral standards and preserve its divinely bestowed culture. It is the means by which knowledge and craftsmanship are imparted, as well as how people are socialized.

Traditionally, the well-educated respect Heaven, believe in gods, and seek to follow the virtue of benevolence. They possess extensive knowledge of traditional culture as well as mastery over one or more trades. Dedicated to their vocations, they believe in treating others with kindness. They serve as the pillars of society, national elites, and the guardians of civilization. Their extraordinary character and behavior earn divine favor and blessings.

To destroy humanity, the communist specter aims to sever the connections between man and gods. Thus ruining traditional education is an indispensable step. Communism adopted different strategies to attack and undermine education in both the East and West.

In Eastern countries that are home to deeply seated cultural traditions, deception alone is insufficient to dupe an entire people. This necessitated the systematic slaughter of traditional elites so as to physically cut off the bearers of culture from imparting their heritage to the next generation, while at the same time bombarding the rest of the population with incessant propaganda.

The history and roots of Western culture are comparatively simple, giving communism fertile ground for covertly contaminating society by subverting and sabotaging Western education. In fact, the corruption of Western youth is much more severe when compared with those in China.

During the 2016 U.S. presidential election, the mainstream media’s longstanding vilification of conservative candidates, coupled with misleading polls conducted prior to the vote, left many in shock—particularly young college students—once the actual result of the election was announced.

Following Donald Trump’s victory, a ridiculous phenomenon appeared in universities around the United States. Some students felt such fear, exhaustion, or emotional trauma from the election that they demanded classes be canceled and exams be rescheduled. In order to relieve students of their stress and anxiety, some prominent schools organized various therapeutic activities. These included playing with Play-Doh or building blocks, coloring, and blowing bubbles. Some even provided pet cats and dogs for students to console themselves with. Many universities provided students with psychological counseling, organized help groups, and established services such as “post-election recovery” or “post-election resources and support.” [1]

The absurdity of how a normal democratic process became more terrifying than a natural disaster or terrorist attack demonstrates the utter failure of the American education system. College students, who should be mature and rational, became intolerant and infantile when confronted with change and adversity.

The complete breakdown of American education is one of the most distressing things to have happened to the country in the last few decades. It signals the success of communism’s mission to infiltrate and corrupt Western society.

This chapter focuses mainly on the United States as an example to show how education in free societies is sabotaged by communism. Readers may apply the same logic to infer how education is being undermined in other countries along similar lines.

The communist infiltration of American education manifests in at least five areas.

Directly Promoting Communist Ideology Among the Young. Communist ideology gradually took over Western academia by infiltrating important traditional fields of study, as well as fabricating new sciences beholden to its ideological influence. Literature, history, philosophy, social science, anthropology, law study, multimedia, and other concentrations were inundated with various derivatives of Marxist theory. “Political correctness” became the guideline for censoring free thought on campuses.

Reducing the Young Generation’s Exposure to Traditional Culture. Traditional culture, orthodox thought, genuine history, and classical literature are slandered and marginalized in many different ways.

Lowering Academic Standards Starting in Kindergarten and Elementary School. Because instruction has been progressively dumbed down, students of the new generation are becoming less literate and mathematically capable. They possess less knowledge, and their ability to think critically is stunted. It is hard for these students to handle key questions concerning life and society in a logical and forthright manner, and even harder for them to see through communism’s deceptions.

Indoctrinating Young Students With Deviated Notions. As these children grow older, the concepts instilled in them become so strong that they are nearly impossible to identify and correct.

Feeding Students’ Selfishness, Greed, and Indulgence. This includes conditioning them to oppose authority and tradition, inflating their egos and sense of entitlement, reducing their ability to understand and tolerate different opinions, and neglecting their psychological growth.

Communism has achieved its objectives in nearly all of the five areas. Leftist ideology is the leading trend in American universities. Scholars with different ideas have been either marginalized in their teaching positions or barred from voicing their traditional views.

Four years of intensive indoctrination leave college graduates with a predisposition for liberalism and progressivism. They are likely to accept atheism, the theory of evolution, and materialism without a second thought. They become narrow-minded “snowflakes” who lack common sense and pursue hedonistic lifestyles without taking responsibility for their actions. They lack knowledge, have a narrow worldview, know very little or nothing about the history of America or the world, and have become the main target for communist deception.

In the eyes of the world, the United States is still a major country in education. For over a century, the United States has been a political, economic, and military superpower. The funds it spends on education far exceed that of most countries. After World War II, American democracy and affluence attracted talented people from around the world. Its STEM graduate programs and professional schools are second to none.

However, a crisis is unfolding within. The proportion of foreign students in graduate STEM programs far exceeds that of American students, and the gap is increasing with each year. [2] This reflects the erosion of elementary, secondary, and post-secondary education across the United States. Students are purposefully being dumbed down and ruined. The consequences are unfolding before our eyes, and there is more yet to come.

KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov, introduced in Chapter Five, described in the early 1980s how communist ideological infiltration in America was nearing completion: “Even if you start right now, here this minute, you start educating [a] new generation of Americans, it will still take you fifteen to twenty years to turn the tide of ideological perception of reality back to normalcy. …” [3]

A third of a century has passed since Bezmenov gave his interview. During this period, even as we witnessed the downfall of the Soviet Union and other socialist regimes in Eastern Europe, communism’s infiltration and subversion in the West didn’t stop in the least. Communist elements in the West set their sights on education as a primary target. They took over the institution at all tiers, spread their influence in family education, and promoted their own twisted theories on education and pedagogy.

It should be emphasized that more or less all people in the world, especially those who went to college after the 1960s, received exposure to communist influences. The humanities and social sciences are the worst affected. Most people in these fields were unknowingly indoctrinated, and only a few individuals set out to intentionally promote communist ideology. Here we expose communist aims, so people can identify them and distance themselves.

From Chapter Twelve: Sabotaging Education

“The utter failure of the American education system”
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(60)Terrorism is inseparable from communism

From the Paris Commune and Lenin’s institutionalization of violence, to the CCP’s state-sponsored persecutions, communism has always used terrorism to achieve its aims. Moreover, beyond the territory controlled by communist regimes, communism has manipulated a variety of groups and people to carry out terrorist acts, sowing chaos around the world and throwing up a diversionary smokescreen for its enemies. Advancements in science and technology have made it easier for terrorists to endanger innocent victims.

Terrorists use violence to throw society into disorder, and use fear to bring people under their control. They violate the moral values held universally across humanity in order to achieve their ends. The roots of communism can be seen in their core ideas, as communist ideology provides a theoretical framework for their evil values.

The primary victims of Islamic extremism are the people of countries from which terrorists originate. While the media focuses its attention on terrorist attacks that target Western society, the vast majority of those killed are Muslims. Similarly, the more than 100 million deaths caused by communism were nearly all those of people living under the rule of communist regimes.

Terrorism is inseparable from communism, which itself is the greatest root cause of terrorism around the world. Until these toxic roots are dug out, mankind will not enjoy a single day of peace. Only by recognizing the role of communism in the terrorist activities that plague our world, and by standing on the side of traditional moral values and faith can people safeguard themselves against this menace.

From Chapter Fifteen: The Communist Roots of Terrorism

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(59) Terrorism and the Western Radical Left

The Hidden Alliance Between Terrorism and the Western Radical Left

A contemporary German musician said, “This is the greatest artwork in the entire universe.” He spoke not of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, but of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

After 9/11, radical Western leftist intellectuals cheered the attacks and defended the perpetrators. One American writer praised the terrorists for destroying the “Tower of Babel” (that is, the World Trade Center) as a symbol of U.S. wrongdoing. An Italian playwright and Nobel laureate in literature said: “The economies in which [Wall Street] speculators roll killed tens of millions of people every year with poverty. What is a big deal if 20,000 people die in New York?” A professor at the University of Colorado–Boulder campus characterized those working in the World Trade Center as “little Eichmanns,” referring to one of the architects of the Nazi Holocaust.

Hoping to prevent the United States from carrying out military interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq, various radical left-wing forces launched a large-scale anti-war protest movement. Linguist and radical leftist thinker Noam Chomsky said in a speech at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that the United States is “the largest country of terrorism” and that Washington planned to launch “a quiet genocide” in Afghanistan.

The leftists held “peace vigils” and teach-ins around the country. While the United States’ operations against terrorists in Afghanistan were in full swing, Chomsky took a two-week trip to the Indian subcontinent, spreading rumors to millions of Muslims and Hindus. He accused the United States of planning to kill three or four million Afghans by hunger.

A professor at Columbia University said he hoped the U.S. military would suffer one million Mogadishus. The Battle of Mogadishu refers to the 1993 Al-Qaeda ambush of U.S. special forces in Somalia in 1993, in which eighteen American soldiers were killed.

The anti-war movement, initiated by the radical Left, targeted the United States in order to hamper its efforts in the War on Terror.

In February 2003, a month before the United States attacked Iraq, bin Laden released an audio recording through Al Jazeera calling on people to fight against the U.S. military in the streets. He openly declared, “The interests of Muslims and the interests of the socialists coincide in the war against the crusaders.”

ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) is an anti-war organization with prominent exposure in the media. Its members are mostly socialists, communists, and leftists or progressives. Many of its founders have ties with the International Action Center and the Workers World Party, a communist radical organization. In this sense, ANSWER is actually a front-line force aligned with Stalinist communism. Also participating in the anti-war movement is Not in Our Name, a front organization of the Revolutionary Communist Party, which is a Marxist-Leninist party linked to the Chinese communist regime.

In addition to actively whitewashing terrorists and organizing anti-war movements, leftists in the legal community have gone all-out in opposing the Patriot Act, passed by Congress shortly after 9/11 to strengthen the U.S. counter-terror capabilities. Before the bill was passed, the FBI waited seven years before arresting Sami Al-Arian, a professor of computer science at the University of South Florida who provided terrorists with financial support. If an equivalent to the Patriot Act had existed earlier, arresting Arian earlier might have prevented the September 11 attacks.

The blind Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, who planned the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1995. His defense lawyer, Lynne Stewart, visited the prison and passed a message from Abdel-Rahman to followers in the Middle East, telling them to continue their terrorist activities. Stewart was found guilty in 2005. Surprisingly, after her guilty verdict, she became a political idol for the Left and has been repeatedly invited to lecture at universities, law schools, and other venues.

A 2004 study by American scholar David Horowitz titled Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left reveals the nefarious connection between Islamic extremists and radical leftists. According to his analysis, the radical Left around the world has served to cover for Islamic jihadis.

Standing with terrorists against Western democratic states is part of the radical Left’s long march to destroy Western society from within. They are willing to use any method that helps them achieve this goal. Though leftist ideology has no superficial relationship with Islamic extremism, their objectives coincide to form a pernicious alliance against the Western world and become a powerful tool for communism.

From Chapter Fifteen: The Communist Roots of Terrorism

After “9-11” linguist and radical leftist thinker Noam Chomsky said in a speech that the United States is “the largest country of terrorism”
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(58) The CCP’s Ties to Al-Qaeda


The CCP’s Ties to Al-Qaeda

The CCP has had far-reaching interactions with Al-Qaeda, beginning with its clandestine collaboration with the Taliban, which provided protection for bin Laden. In 1980, in addition to sending about three hundred military advisers to the mujahideen in Afghanistan, the CCP also set up military training camps in Kashgar and Hotan in Xinjiang to instruct them in skills such as the use of weapons, military strategy, propaganda, and espionage.

Xinjiang became the base for training the Afghan mujahideen to fight the Soviet Union. By the time the Soviet Union withdrew from Afghanistan, the Chinese military had trained at least several thousand jihadis. It provided them with machine guns, rocket launchers, and surface-to-air missiles, altogether two to four billion U.S. dollars in value.

The CCP maintained close ties with the Taliban and Al-Qaeda after the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan, as well as in the period when the Taliban provided protection for bin Laden. Even though Al-Qaeda carried out terrorist attacks on the U.S. Embassy and the U.S. Navy, and the Taliban refused to hand over bin Laden to the United Nations, the CCP has always opposed U.N. sanctions against the Taliban. In 1998, the United States attacked Al-Qaeda bases with cruise missiles. The Chinese regime paid Al-Qaeda $10 million to purchase unexploded U.S. missiles so as to improve its own technology.

At the same time, the CCP continued to provide sensitive military technology to state sponsors of terrorism. At the end of 2000, the U.N. Security Council proposed sanctions on the Taliban to force it to close bin Laden’s terrorist training camps located on its territory, but China abstained from the vote. After that, the CCP continued secret negotiations with the Taliban and reached an agreement to have Huawei Technologies help the Taliban establish an extensive military communication system throughout Afghanistan. On the day of the 9/11 attacks, Chinese and Taliban officials signed a contract to expand economic and scientific cooperation.

More shockingly, after the 9/11 attacks, two Chinese military officers were hailed as national heroes for their authorship of a book titled Unrestricted Warfare, which was published in 1999. In the book, they suggested that if the World Trade Center in New York were attacked, it would open up a complicated dilemma for the United States. The authors also named Al-Qaeda as an organization with the ability to carry out such an operation. Suffice it to say, the Chinese regime’s concept of “unrestricted warfare” provided theoretical guidance for bin Laden’s future operations.

When the U.N. Security Council imposed sanctions on the Taliban regime after 9/11, China not only abstained from the vote, but also sent military personnel to support the Taliban immediately after the U.S. military began airstrikes in Afghanistan. It was also after 9/11 that American intelligence agencies learned that ZTE and Huawei, China’s two military-linked tech companies, were helping the Taliban military establish a telephone network in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan.

In 2004, it was revealed that Chinese intelligence agencies used shell companies to help bin Laden raise funds and launder money in financial markets around the world.

With the fall of the Berlin Wall, the communist camp faced total collapse. Having inherited the ideological garb of the Soviet Union, the CCP was left to face the tremendous pressure from the free world on its own. As it happened, 9/11 took place just as the United States and the free world began to focus their attention on condemning communist tyranny. Priorities changed dramatically, and the free world had to hold off its plan to combat communism as the War on Terror began. This gave the CCP a reprieve and allowed communism to expand once again.

While the Western world waged war in the Middle East, a large-scale transfer of wealth quietly took place between China and the United States. Communism was able to build another superpower.

The chaos caused by terrorism has caused the free world to divert its attention away from the communist menace, delaying the main conflict between good and evil as it plays out in our world.

The CCP maintained close ties with the Taliban and Al-Qaeda
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