(115)From Green Peace To Red Revolution

Mass movements are one of communism’s strategies to spread its influence across nations and the world. Many environmentalist organizations mobilize large numbers of people to wage environmental protection campaigns. They have lobbied and hijacked government institutions and U.N. organizations to formulate and enforce unreasonable agreements and regulations. They have also created violent incidents in order to silence the general public.

As the radical leftist representative Saul Alinsky stated, it is necessary to hide the true purposes of a movement and mobilize people on a large scale to act in support of local, temporary, plausible, or benign goals. When people become accustomed to these relatively moderate forms of activism, it is relatively easy to get them to act for more radical aims. “Remember: once you organize people around something as commonly agreed upon as pollution, then an organized people is on the move. From there it’s a short and natural step to political pollution, to Pentagon pollution,” Alinsky said.

On the first Earth Day in 1970, more than 20 million Americans participated in Earth Day-themed street protests. Population control has become the method of choice to deal with environmental degradation. At that time, many leftist organizations in the United States decided to go where the people were. They took part in the environmental movement and advocated socialism as a means to restrict population growth.

A variety of leftist groups use environmentalism as ideological packaging to carry out street actions advocating revolution. For example, if the United States has a “people’s climate movement,” you can infer that it is a product of the communist parties. The organizations involved are the Communist Party USA, Socialism in Action, the Maoist American Revolutionary Communist Party, Ecological Society, Socialist Workers, Alternative Socialism, American Democratic Socialism, Free Socialism, and so on. They hosted the People’s Climate Rally and the People’s Climate Parade. Slogans at these rallies have included “Institutional reform, not climate change,” “Capitalism is killing the United States,” “Capitalism is destroying the environment,” “Capitalism is destroying the planet,” and “Fighting for a socialist future.”

These groups, with a sea of red flags, have marched in many major cities in the United States, including Washington, D.C. With more and more communist and socialist elements to strengthen environmentalism, “green peace” has made a full transition to red revolution.

From Chapter 16: The Communism Behind Environmentalism

“Green peace” has made a full transition to red revolution
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