(128)Developed Western Countries Export Anti-Traditional Culture

Western developed countries play the decisive role in global economic and military affairs. As a result, Western culture was able to quickly spread to developing countries. It was deemed the mainstream of modern civilization and the direction for future development. Exploiting this trend has spread deviant modern culture from the United States and other Western countries to the world. This exerted enormous damage on the traditions of other ethnic groups. Rock-and-roll music, drugs, and sexual liberation were disguised as Western culture and quickly spread worldwide from developed countries. As pointed out in this book, the communist specter is behind the development of these deteriorated cultures, which have nothing to do with the traditional values that stem from belief in the Divine.

All manner of deteriorated culture masked as Western culture is currently being spread to every corner of the world. Hollywood in particular has become a major carrier of various ideologies that stem from cultural Marxism. The special characteristic of the movie industry allows it to make people subconsciously accept its values.

Because of their economic strength, Western countries attract a large number of foreign students. In this book, we have discussed how cultural Marxism has taken over Western education, and in turn exposes foreign students to various leftist ideologies. When they go back to their countries, they spread these ideologies. In their countries, these deteriorated ideologies are seen as attractive because Western countries are more technologically advanced and economically developed. Thus, these ideologies encounter little resistance as they spread and destroy the local traditional culture.

For instance, the first country in Asia to acknowledge same-sex marriage is a society with profound traditions. Globalization was behind the shift. After studying in the West, a large number of students accepted the idea of same-sex marriage and pushed for the change. For the most part, progressive politicians who encourage the legalization of same-sex marriage developed their progressive views during their studies abroad.

From Chapter Seventeen: Globalization: Communism at Its Core

These ideologies encounter little resistance as they spread and destroy the local traditional culture.
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