(131)Both the East and the West are at risk of being destroyed

Different nationalities and countries have existed for millenia. Although they exist in different regions, they have different social forms and political systems, use different languages, and have different cultural and psychological qualities — but all share common universal values. These universal values are the core of traditional culture for all ethnic groups.

In the short period of little more than one hundred years after the emergence of communism on the global stage, humanity is already in grave danger, as traditional cultures have been undermined and destroyed on a large scale.

After the October Revolution, communists took power in Russia and China, the great powers of the East, killing traditional cultural elites and destroying traditional culture by violence. After the Second World War, communist countries infiltrated and controlled the United Nations and other international organizations, abused democratic procedures to allow the majority to conquer the minority, and used money to win over small countries in an attempt to use the U.N.’s big government to pull the whole world toward corruption.

Around the world, especially after the end of the Cold War, communism began using international political, economic, and cultural exchanges and cooperation to expand and control globalization, pushing deviant values worldwide, and systematically destroying universal values and traditions. To this day, the specter of communism is ruling the whole world.

Today’s transnational political and economic groups have mastered enormous resources, and their influence has penetrated into every aspect of human society. From large issues such as the environment, economy, trade, military affairs, diplomacy, science and technology, education, energy, war, and immigration, to small issues such as entertainment, fashion, and lifestyle, all are increasingly manipulated by globalists. Once a global government is formed, it would be easy for all of humanity to be mutated or even destroyed with a single command.

By using globalization in conjunction with other means, the communist specter has ruined human society in just a few hundred years, and both the East and the West are at risk of being destroyed.

Only by returning to tradition can human beings reintroduce universal values and traditional cultures to sovereign nations and in international exchanges. This is necessary for returning to universal values and traditional culture, and will allow mankind, under the protection and grace of God, to expel the communist specter and move toward a bright future.

From Chapter Seventeen: Globalization: Communism at Its Core

Both the East and the West are at risk of being destroyed.
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